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Is It Possible To Do Yoga While Pregnant?

Today, the choice of courses for the preparation of expectant mothers for childbirth is huge, but many prefer yoga. And not because it’s a fashion technique. Yoga for pregnant women allows you to kill two birds with one stone: to prepare for childbirth physically and psychologically. Women practicing yoga during pregnancy safely avoid both crotch gaps and postpartum depression.

For a child’s future, any inverted poses are useful – this will help to better accommodate the fetus.

Why Yoga

Many doctors recognize that future mothers who practice yoga have good physical health and radiate optimism. Their bodies are plastic and prepared to ensure that during childbirth they can take any comfortable pose. With the help of yoga exercises (they are called asanas), you can get rid of various types of pain associated with pregnancy and reduce the pain caused directly by birth.

What exactly does yoga give to future mothers? In short, yoga is not only a set of stretching exercises but also techniques for cleansing the body, relaxing and proper breathing. The meaning of any yoga exercise is not at all, as folk myths say, to tie in three knots or a month without food. Yoga teaches us to find convenience in any unaccustomed or uncomfortable situation – physical and psychological. And, of course, it strengthens the body and spirit.

When to start

Yoga instructors say that you can begin classes at any time of pregnancy, citing the example of women who came to them in a group 2-3 weeks before the birth and had time to learn something. However, starting to practice yoga in an interesting position, you always need to consider two factors: your time and level of your physical fitness. If you practiced yoga before, it makes sense to go to a special “pregnant” group. The instructor of which, by the way, should have a certificate that is prepared for work with future mothers.


It is clear that the program for pregnant women is developed taking into account their interesting situation. Yoga exercises perfectly strengthen the entire body, gently work with the spine and joints, which carry an increased load during pregnancy. Static postures improve the circulation in the pelvic region, strengthen the spine and muscles directly involved in the generic act. All asanas should be performed slowly and smoothly, without any attempts at aerobics.

For a child’s future, any inverted poses are useful – this will help to better accommodate the fetus. Exercising stretching will make the fabric more elastic, and this gives the woman the opportunity to avoid perineal injuries during labor.

Especially need pregnant breathing exercises: they are recommended to perform several times a day. They additionally supply oxygen to the mother and child, and most importantly, yogic breathing practices will be useful even during labor – they will ease the pain, help to avoid weak labor activity, and also hypoxia in the child. Those who practiced yoga during pregnancy, argue that the techniques of cleansing the body will help reduce toxemia or get rid of it altogether.

And, perhaps most importantly, yoga will help a future mother cope with mood swings and make her more confident. Because for any yogic practice the main task is to find a balance between the body and consciousness.


If you were not engaged in yoga before pregnancy, do not rush into the quarry: the load should be increased very, very gradually. And if you feel some discomfort or pain while doing some kind of asana, stop right away. Properly performed exercises will never cause pain, nausea or dizziness.

Pregnant women are contraindicated in any asanas associated with the “lying on the stomach” position, or for which the abdominal wall should be strained. If you perform exercises on balance, it is necessary to rely on a chair or a wall to secure yourself.

And, at last, at some pathologies of pregnancy, any physical loadings are forbidden. Therefore, if your pregnancy is taking place with deviations, it is better to consult a doctor about yoga.

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