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Pregnancy To Do List – 10 Things To Do

Usually we tell you about what doctors need to visit during pregnancy, what future mother will have to give tests, and also give useful tips on caring for the baby.

But today we would like to show you these amazing 9 months in a completely different light – right now you have a unique opportunity, to pay attention to yourself, your beloved.

Let’s learn together to enjoy life, to love yourself and your body¬†because right now it’s not just necessary, but useful and even necessary!

Refresh the wardrobe

Every woman loves shopping! For some reason, sometimes we deny ourselves a new thing, but pregnancy is the happiest moment when updating the wardrobe can not be called a whim.

Inside you, the baby develops, along with it, your tummy grows, and also the overall weight grows. Wear trousers, skirts, and blouses that are crushed – absolutely not. It is also worth to give up on shoes with heels, and if an interesting situation occurs in the autumn-winter season, your favorite classic coat may not be buttoned on.

The big request, you should not drive yourself into a corner, interrupting during pregnancy with mother’s dresses, girlfriend’s jackets and huge T-shirts of her husband. Pregnancy – it’s time to look beautiful and feminine, and not like a rogue who has nothing to wear.

You should enjoy reflection in the mirror, your good mood will be passed on to the baby, for whom the positive is very important. Hence – forward to specialized stores for moms pick up a beautiful right wardrobe!


Our proposal makes you a half-smile curve? Did you plan to spend 9 months on the couch? During pregnancy, it is important to train muscles and maintain the body in tone, and from extra pounds after childbirth will be quite difficult to get rid of.

Gymnastics, pilates, yoga, aqua aerobics, just swimming in the pool – choose a lesson to your taste and enjoy the sensations. Maybe during pregnancy, you will love sports!

Pamper yourself

Accurate massage, SPA-procedures, special skin care products, regular visits to the beautician, to the hairdresser (yes, despite the behests of mothers and grandmothers during pregnancy, you can get haircut and dye hair without ammonia), manicure and pedicure – all this You can afford and being in position.

Are you on the decree? At your service now unlimited sleep, hiking with girlfriends in a cafe, with her husband at the cinema and a regular promenade for children’s shops.

Do not limit your world with 4 walls! If you feel good – live life to the full, walk, talk, visit exhibitions and concerts. The future mother has the right to be happy!

Create a memorable diary

The first emotions from the demonstrative two stripes on the test, the first ultrasound with a photo of the baby on which it is still difficult to make out something, but the tears themselves are wrapped up in your eyes, the first perturbations and your incredible sensations from the realization that a new life is living and developing within you, Which with might and main makes itself felt by appreciable kicks. It seems that these moments can not be forgotten…

Believe me, time will pass and gradually all this will not be completely erased from memory, but will be replaced by new and new images … A memorial diary will help to capture and capture emotions and facts. Put in there everything that is associated with your baby and after 6-7 years you can read it together.

Arrange a gentle photo session

Pregnancy is the time that must be imprinted! It does not matter how many extra pounds you have typed, and how big your belly is. Right now you are amazingly beautiful and feminine, and in your eyes some special mystery has lodged…

And if you performed the first, second and third paragraphs of our article – updated your wardrobe, went in for sports, took care of yourself and indulged in care, then you look beautiful.

Now it’s up to little: to find a good photographer, and we would advise paying attention to the stylist and make-up artist. In the hands of professionals, you simply do not recognize yourself, and photos from your “pregnant” photo shoot will still decorate your house and profile pictures for a long time.

And in general, do not ignore the camera during pregnancy, for example, capturing your tummy on the 1st of every month at the end of the term you will become the owner of a unique photo-fact about how the baby grew and developed. Believe me, this is very interesting!

Go on a trip

Let’s say by secret, after the birth of a child in the next six months or a year, you are unlikely to organize any family trip. Therefore, if you are feeling well, do not spend 9 months sitting at home under the motto “whatever happens!”.

Do not overexert yourself, do not be nervous, choose a place in which you feel calm and confident and – forward, for new impressions. Believe me, it does not matter where you go – to admire the Carpathian mountains or to study the history of European streets. The main thing is that you there be good and interesting in the company with loved ones and loved ones.

The state of health does not allow you to leave somewhere even for 3-4 days? There is an exit! Out-of-town picnics with friends are an excellent contiguous option for recreation. The main thing is to guess with the weather, and a portion of excellent mood for at least a week is guaranteed to you!

Organize a romantic date with husband

Perhaps, after the birth of a child, your husband will not quite miss the attention of his beloved wife. Therefore, pregnancy is the best time to tell your partner again how you love him and show how you value his support.

Arrange weekends “only for two”, leave all the difficulties, sad thoughts and excitement behind the doors and enjoy each other’s company, it is very important for both partners.

Candlelit dinner, a romantic walk, a bouquet of flowers and handmade chocolates, made to order specifically for you – pamper each other with your love because a pregnant woman like air needs a feeling that she is nice, desirable and interesting.

Communicate with other future mothers

Pregnancy is not a reason to restrict communication, but the chatter of your non-pregnant girlfriends about your new acquaintances and invitations to night discos may not be of interest to you anymore. Believe me, this is normal, you just enter another stage of life and you should look for interlocutors among those who are, as they say, with you in the same boat.

Profile forums for future mothers are what you need, because it is there where you can discuss problems worrying you without fear of being misunderstood. Is it possible to organize a personal meeting or by a lucky chance you and your friend became pregnant almost at the same time? Congratulations, you are a rare lucky woman. If not, look for like-minded people in courses for future mothers, yoga, and aqua aerobics courses.

And yet, do not be afraid, do not be shy, enter into a conversation, ask questions, believe me, your doubts and fears are not unique, the same thoughts are visited by most expectant mothers.

–ēstablish relations with your mother

Your mother also experiences your condition, because you are her child. Of course, she is trying to take care of you as much as possible, and perhaps, sometimes, she is too kinky. But, believe me, she wants the best… And she tries her best.

She will always listen to your regular complaints about morning toxicosis, come to you with home-made, fresh, cooked with love products, help you clean in the apartment, when you already have no strength, will accompany you to the doctor if your husband is busy.

Talk to your mother about the upbringing of a future child, because she will soon be in the role of grandmother, and if she is ready to hedge you with the baby and take on certain concerns – this will greatly facilitate your life and strengthen your relationship with a ommon concern.

Name a future baby

Perhaps, thoughts about the baby – this is the most pleasant during pregnancy. After all, we women so love to indulge in dreams, imagining different scenes from their future life together with the baby. One of the mandatory items during pregnancy is the task to come up with a name for him!

First, you will come up with the whole family, how you will name both the boy and the girl, combining variants with the patronymic and surname. When the sex of the future baby will no longer be a secret, then real battles can erupt around his name :-)! There are too many options and no one wants to give in? Rely on the “hand of fate”: write all the options on pieces of paper, put them in an opaque container, mix and pull out one leaf. The name indicated on it, and it will be proud to wear your favorite baby!

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